Screen Free Week! (May 1 – 7, 2017)

Bothell Family Cooperative Preschool is encouraging families to participate in Screen Free Week in May. Haven't heard about Screen Free Week? For one week, plan to unplug yourself and your children from screens — including computers, tablets and even phones! What will your family do instead? What will you discover when you're looking up and around you instead of at your screen?

Below are some links for creating healthy media habits at home. If you're looking for some ideas for activities to do with your family during Screen Free Week, keep scrolling for our list of favorite websites and blogs.

  • Common Sense Media: Features guidelines and information on books, movies, music, and games. Check out their guide on essential books, broken down by age!
  • Google Safety Center: If your family uses google products, learn how you can use some tools to set up a safe browsing experience for your children.
  • Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood: CCFC works to reduce marketing and consumerism towards children - especially in products they may use every day.
  • Family Media Use Plan: has a guide to creating a Media Plan for your family. Have a family meeting and decide when it is and is not appropriate to use media. Remember to model healthy screen usage now in preparation for when your children are older.
  • Moment App: Changing the media habits in your home starts with the adults. Check out the Moment App to see how much you are using your phone in a given day. You may be surprised by what you learn.