How does a co-op preschool work?

A co-op preschool is a member-driven preschool that brings together parents and caregivers with skilled educators to collaboratively provide a rich learning experience for children. Bothell Family Co-Op offers caregivers an opportunity to be involved with their children’s education. Your child will attend a preschool session from one to three days each week, depending on their class and age. With the guidance and support of caregivers and a skilled instructor, they will engage in unique child-centered learning actives of their choosing.

On one of the days your child attends, you will be responsible to attend with your child and have the opportunity to participate in hands-on classroom learning as well as a parent education session. On the day you attend (your working day in the classroom), you will be considered a working member and be the representative for your work group. Your work group will consist of two to three members who alternate days throughout the week. Should you be unable to attend your workday, you will need to find another member who can take your place that day.

Because being a caregiver at a co-op preschool means being a part owner of the preschool, members equally share the work of maintaining the preschool, attending meetings, and serving on committees.

What class should my child attend?

What is the schedule and tuition? You should use your child’s age as of August 31st.

Parent & Baby 0-1 Year Old Friday 12-1:45 PM 12 children
Toddlers 1-2 Years Old Thursday 12-1:45 PM 12 children
Toddlers PM 1-2 Years Old Thursday 6-7:45 PM 12 children
2/3 2-3 Years Old Th, F 9:30-11:15 AM 18 children
3/4 3-4 Years Old M, T, W 9:30-11:50 AM 21 children
Pre-K 4-5 Years Old M, T, W 12:30-3 PM 21 children

Are there other financial obligations?

Yes, as a member of BFCP there are other financial obligations, some of which are spread out throughout the school year.

Parent & Baby $45 $96 $0
Toddlers (AM & PM) $30 $96 $0
2/3 $90 $96 $0
3/4 $90 $144 $0
Pre-K $90 $144 $0

*Younger sibling registration is discounted at 50%.
**Last month of BFCP tuition (May) and SCC tuition due July 15th prior to start of school year.

On my Work Day, what will I be doing?

During your workday, you will be expected to arrive on time so that the preschool class can start smoothly. At free-choice time, you will be assigned a learning center(listed on your monthly class schedule) where you will encourage children to participate and actively engage in their play. One of the learning centers is snack. You will be responsible for bringing a healthy class snack on a rotating schedule. The timeline for snack varies depending on the number of children enrolled in a class and the days the class meets. A list of snack suggestions will be provided at the fall class meeting or orientation. At clean up time, you will encourage children to clean up or help wherever is needed. All classes have a circle time, where you will participate and model appropriate involvement for all children. Depending on the week, you may be outside with the children, or attending parent education with the instructor.

What else will I be expected to do?

In order to support the functioning of the preschool and keep tuition costs low, each family will join to a committee. This can range from serving on the preschool board, or facility maintenance, curriculum preparation, classroom coordination, communications, and so on! Everyone’s role is important, and most committees offer opportunities to connect with parents in other classes, building community as we work together.

Each family will be asked to clean the school a set number of times per year, according to the class. The Toddler class families will be asked to clean once, the 2/3 class families will be asked to clean twice, and the 3/4 and the Pre-K class families will clean three times.

There is also a mandatory Work Party in the Fall and Spring. You are responsible for attending one Work Party per year. Work Parties are on Saturdays and are a great way to meet members of different classes, as well as maintain our wonderful school.

What if I have multiple children? How does this affect my financial and time commitments?

BFCP welcomes families with multiple children, both at the same age class level and different. If you have two children who are enrolling in different classes, the registration fee for the younger sibling is discounted at 50%. Families who have multiple children need only join one committee and participate in one Work Party.

If you have two children enrolling in the same class, you will be expected to attend one workday per week. You will, however, still be obligated to clean the preschool in rotation for each child, as well as pay tuition and registration fees for each child.

I don’t need credits, do I have to be a Shoreline Community College student?

BFCP is both a parent education program as well as childhood education program. Our preschool is one of seven cooperative preschools affiliated with SCC. Because of this, we are able to provide a low-cost, high-quality preschool experience for your child. Therefore, when you become a member, you become a student of SCC and are obligated to pay tuition to SCC.

I have a younger child, can I bring him/her to class on my workday?

Non-enrolled siblings over the age of twenty weeks MAY NOT attend class except during prearranged family visits or in the case of an infant with special needs at the discretion of the instructor.