AGES 4–5 Years
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 12:30–3:00 P.M.
rate: $170 per month


$90 registration fee/$135 annual SCC tuition


At this stage, "why?" is a child's favorite word. To support their curious nature, our preschool day includes opportunities to wonder, investigate, and experiment. At the preschool "Discovery Center", children are introduced to ideas such as gravity, weight, and measurements. While working in small groups, children explore math, language, and writing. Because four and five-year-olds are becoming more advanced in their emotional and social skills, our curriculum also includes using small group time to practice turn-taking, listening, cooperation, and patience. Throughout the classroom, children are encouraged to identify and value their own feelings and the feelings of others. Snack time is a means for children to learn independence. Children are encouraged to wash their hands, prepare their snack, serve themselves, and clean up with minimal adult intervention. Snack time is also an opportunity for children to learn and practice acceptable table manners and conversation with friends. We believe the outdoors are an extension of the classroom where children continue their exploration and discovery of the world around them.

Caregivers are also students at Bothell Family Cooperative Preschool. As an affiliate of Shoreline Community College (SCC), members participate in parent education. We place a high value on exposing caregivers to best practices that will support and equip them on their journey. Every other week caregivers will participate in small-group discussions during class time.  Evening parent meetings once a month often include speakers on a variety of preschool development and parenting topics. Families pay an annual SCC tuition, which is then used to subsidize educators' salaries.

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Curriculum Highlights:

  • Block building

  • Dramatic play

  • Library area

  • Music

  • Art

  • Sensory experiences

  • Discovery center

  • Cooking

  • Basic math and writing

  • Group activities

  • Empathy & emotion coaching

  • Outdoor play

Photo by Katharina Esteves

Photo by Katharina Esteves