Our Educators

Our talented Bothell Family Cooperative Preschool staff provides a warm, caring, inclusive environment for both children and their caregivers. All of them have been cooperative preschool parents, which broadens their understanding of the cooperative preschool experience. 

Photo by Katharina Esteves

Kathy Foster

co-Director, 3/4 and Pre-K Educator

Kathy is the 3/4 and Pre-K class instructor and parent educator. She also serves as the preschool’s co-director. Kathy has a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from the University of Maryland. Before coming to the preschool she taught Head Start, Migrant Education, English As a Second Language, and Pre-K in the public schools. She first came to the co-op in 1990, where as a parent she served on several committees and held board positions during the six years she attended with her three children. She began teaching at the preschool in 2001. 

When she is not teaching, Kathy likes to camp, cook, garden, read, knit, travel and have tea parties with her friends. She lives in Lake Forest Park with her husband, Don, and their cat. She has a passionate commitment to family and community based education programs for all children. 

Kathy enjoys the Science/Discovery stations of the preschool. Children wonder about so many things and it brings her joy to watch kids ask their own questions, discover answers, and then share their “Aha!” moment with the children and parents in class. 

Photo by Katharina Esteves

Beth Edwards

co-director, Toddler and 2/3 Educator

Beth is the Toddler and 2/3 class instructor and parent educator. She also serves as the preschool's assistant director. Beth holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Washington, as well as an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Bellevue College. Beth has been supporting and educating children and families in a cooperative preschool environment since 2001. Most recently, Beth has focused on mindfulness and meditation in working with children and families through the UW Center for Child and Family Welfare. She has also volunteered extensively at Sorenson Early Childhood Center, supporting teachers in their work with children with extra needs.

In her free time, Beth loves to read and cook, and spends time every day outdoors walking and in the garden. She values every opportunity to learn new things and to share her skills and knowledge. Beth lives with her husband, Terry, and her old cat, Mindy, in Woodinville. She has two daughters in college, Anna and Kelsey.

Her favorite thing about teaching toddlers is having the opportunity to facilitate the exploration of the world and foster independence and self-identity from the very beginning experiences. 


Kelsey Denney

Outdoor Instructor (3/4 & Pre-K)

Kelsey is the Outdoor Instructor for the 3/4 and Pre-K classes. Her experience in cooperative education dates back to her own early childhood when she attended a Shoreline Community College Cooperative Preschool. Kelsey returned to cooperative preschool as a parent in 2015, and couldn't be more pleased to have returned home to her cooperative preschool roots. She delights in supporting and observing young children learn through play at preschool.

Kelsey is a Certified Forest Kindergarten Teacher and a Positive Discipline Parent Educator, who graduated from the University of Washington in 2007. Before coming to BFCP, Kelsey worked in education for over 14 years. Her past work includes program managing for the Bureau of Education and Research, supporting students with special needs in the Shoreline School District, camp directing, and providing childcare to children birth to five years old. Kelsey is also an outdoor enthusiast, whose many hours spent exploring rugged terrain in wilderness areas over the years prompted her to study Wilderness Survival Skills and Emergency Medicine through Remote Medical International. She is also currently certified in Adult and Pediatric First Aid and CPR.

In her free time, Kelsey enjoys doing messy art projects with her daughter, working on perfecting her banana bread baking, visiting farmer's markets, and exploring beaches at low tide. Kelsey looks forward to exploring our National Wildlife Federation Certified Schoolyard Habitat Site (more commonly referred to as "the playground") with BFCP students, parents, and caregivers come rain or shine!

"Our Educators" Photos by BFCP Member and Photographer Katharina Esteves