Back to School

Yes, it’s Autumn and we’ve gone back to school!

We have now been in this new rhythm for over a month. It is not only our young children beginning school but we, the parents/caregivers, are also returning to the seat of the student. Our shared learning process is a key element of what makes attending a cooperative preschool special.

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School Days Are Here!

Thanks to everyone for a great week first week of school. We were so happy to see how well the kids (and parents) are getting in the preschool routine. A big thank you to our teachers. We parents love seeing how teachers meet with each kid one on one such a gentle and personal way. You guys are the best.

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Soft Start

Next week at BFCP is soft "start week" for students are parents. New parents may wonder, other than sounding super cozy, what does a soft start entail? Soft start is simply a week when children only attend class on his or her parents' work day.

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