Immunization Information


Bothell Family Cooperative Preschool follows all state and local (King County) health department guidelines on immunization records. In addition, we follow the Risk Management Manual for all Washington State Cooperative Preschools. 

Below is an excerpt from the risk management manual covering immunization requirement and records.


Children, employees, and parents in the co-op must meet all local and state health department immunization requirements.

Immunizations are a safe and effective way to keep children healthy and to prevent disease in the preschool setting. Diseases that vaccines prevent spread easily in group settings, so children, teachers, and parents are particularly at risk for these in the preschool setting. In addition, those not fully vaccinated are susceptible to vaccine-preventable diseases.


Immunization information and other confidential information must be secured or sealed and labeled.

1. Confidentiality: Access to immunization records should be limited only to people who need know this information (e.g. preschool immunization person, teacher/instructor, director). Information contained in immunization forms should be kept confidential. Immunization records should be stored separately from other preschool records in a secure location at the preschool.

2. Requirements: Children in the program must meet all local and state health department immunization requirements.

For immunization information and forms, go to the Washington State Department of Health website.

  • Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) shall be completed upon registration and updated for each child yearly. To avoid excess work, parents can simply update the same CIS that the preschool has on file. Parents can get their child’s immunization record from their provider or ask for a copy from the Child Profile Immunization Registry. Do not attach a list of immunizations to the CIS. Immunization information must be transferred to the CIS form.
  • Certificate of Exemption (COE) For a child to be exempt (excused) from a required vaccine, parents must give the preschool a completed COE that has been signed by both the parent or guardian and a licensed healthcare provider. The healthcare provider must sign to verify that the parent got information about the benefits and risks of immunization. A child can be exempt (not immunized) against one or more of the vaccine-preventable diseases due to medical, religious, or personal/philosophical reasons.

By signing the COE, parents acknowledge that their child may be excluded from attending the preschool in the event of an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease for which the child is exempt. The child would be excluded until the local public health officer decides it is safe to return.