The Elephant in the Logo

As we celebrate our new co-op home, Bothell Family Cooperative Preschool has a new look. While keeping most of the colors of the old logo, it is a new look that says fun, playful, preschool and family. The tree is the embodiment of growth, love, family and the community bond that flourishes within the cooperative environment.

And why elephants? Simply put, they are a wonderful metaphor for many of the co-op values. Elephants communally raise their young, just as BFCP is a community coming together to raise our children. The older female elephants all care for each other’s calves.

We also wanted to reflect the great tradition that we have as a co-op. Elephants are a good symbol of longevity, living long lives and stick together in herds for up to 100 years. They are extremely intelligent, a symbol of our enriching environment.

Finally, elephants can be awfully cute and playful. What better way to represent our little ones?