Theme of the Month: Space

This month our preschool will explore themes of outer space, as well as concepts of hot/cold and dark/light. Here are some ideas of how you can continue learning of these concepts at home:

  • Create a Lunar Landscape complete with Moon Dust. This sensory project is fun to feel, see and explore in.

  • Craft Rocket Ships. Use common items in your house to create spacecrafts and talk about why vehicles we use in space are so different from those on Earth.


  • Become Flashlight explorers. Go on an evening flashlight adventure in your own house to see how things look different in the dark and light. Or get silly with a game of flashlight tag or hide and seek.
  • Understand temperature. Look for opportunities a dinnertime, bath time, going in and outside to notice what things are hot and which are cold.

  • Check out our Author of the Month—Mo Willems. You can find his books at the preschool in the book bin on the stair landing or the reading area upstairs. Mo Willems is a delightful children's author that uses humor and friendship to explore early childhood themes and introduce early reading. Have fun getting to know beloved characters Piggie & Elephant or Pigeon in his amazing books! See his website for more info: