Community Resource: Help Me Grow (Child Development Support)

Over the past month, teachers have shared info about the Help Me Grow program from Within Reach Washington. Help Me Grow Washington (HMG-WA) is dedicated to helping parents understand and support their child’s development. Parents often wonder if their child is on track, what milestones they should be reaching, and how they compare to other children in their same age group. HMG-WA helps parents assess if their children are preschool ready and developmentally on track.  This doctor recommended program offers families a fun and easy way to learn about their child’s developmental progress.

Several of our preschool families have been featured in their Help Me Grow program videos! See Emma & Dad Scott, Ethan & Mom Wei, Kelly & Daughter Paige, and Hannah & Mom Alek in these lovely videos showing parents tracking his child’s development using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire with their child (the questionnaire you received in Parent Ed).

Please help spread the word beyond our preschool of this amazing program which is  completely free for all English and Spanish speaking Washington families with children up to five years old. Services include a developmental screening available online, Ideas for simple, no-cost activities (They also have a Pinterest page with information and activities), referrals for early learning and family support resources and child development referrals for children showing signs of delay.