Happy Harvest!

By Amanda Johnson

October is an exciting month at the preschool! We’re getting the hang of the school year, leaves are falling, and pumpkins are popping up on doorsteps. And at BFCP, we’re gearing up for our first excursion for the older classes and Fun Family Party for the younger classes.


If you’re anything like me, and this is your first year with a preschool aged child, you may be wondering what the kids do at Oxbow Farms. I reached out to our Excursions Coordinator to find out more.

The Fall Farm Adventure at Oxbow Farm is a 75-minute program where students experience the beauty of the autumn harvest – in terms preschoolers understand. An Oxbow farmer introduces the students to their favorite fruits and veggies and explains how they are made up of six different plant parts each with a special job to do. The kids are then led on a scavenger hunt to find those six plant parts. As they find each part, they get to harvest and eat them in the process! How delicious does that sound? Kiddos get to take home a sugar pie pumpkin.

For more information on the program, click here.

Directions should be arriving in your inbox soon, if they haven’t already so keep a look out. The schedule for the older classes is as follows:

* 2-3's will meet at 9:30, Thursday, Oct 11 at Oxbow Farm

* 3-4's will meet at 11:00, Tues, Oct 9 at Oxbow Farm

* Pre-K will meet at 12:30 Tues, Oct 9 Oxbow Farm

That covers the older kid classes, but what about the toddlers who may be too young for the pumpkin patch just yet? The answer: a Fun Family Day hosted at the preschool! Teacher Beth has a lot of fun things in store.

The Family Fun Day is scheduled for Saturday, October 13th from 10-11:45 am. It will be a combined day for both the Toddler AM and PM classes. It is an alternative class date for missing the AM October 11 class while Teacher Beth is at Oxbow Farm with the 2-3’s and the canceled PM October 31 class because of Halloween. I have to say, the Family Fun Day sounds excellent so I don’t think our toddlers are going to be too upset over the canceled classes.

At the party there will be lots of pumpkins and harvest themed activities in the giant outdoor space at the preschool. Possible activities may include a mini-maze made from bales of hay, pumpkin rolling on big paper and pumpkin painting. Yes, please! I’m all for hay mazes and fall themed events. Coming together for circle time to sing some favorite songs is also part of the plan. We will also have a potluck lunch.