Springing into April!

by Florence B.


Wow; is it really April already? This must be a case of time flies when you’re having fun, because we’re certainly having fun over here at BFCP! By the way, slow clap and approving nod to the curriculum team for sneaking in a surprise week-ish long, sneak attack-ish (and I get the memos for both months so I should be surprise-proof!), super fun, dramatic play area makeover! Our airport turned into a little shoe store that was a HUGE hit! Kiddos had fun trying on different types of shoes and showing off their stylish footwear on a little stage. Soccer cleats, tap dance shoes, boots, fun socks, and more…these kiddos got to do some feet measuring and decorating!

After that short surprise, the curriculum team proved they still have the magic touch by transforming our dramatic play area into a little farm house and garden! Make sure you check out the chicken coop for some eggs, pick some vegetables from the garden, and whip up something tasty to eat in the kitchen area. As one budding BFCP chef commented, “I’m going to make egg soup for everyone!” Some familiar costumes from Halloween are back, including overalls for farmers, a bumblebee dress for…umm… two-legged bees, and butterfly wings for the little butterflies who can’t resist picking the flowers in the garden! Also, make sure the sheep don’t escape their pen, but do take the horses on a stroll!


Well, the farm house and garden dramatic play area should give you a hint for some of the other themes to expect this month. Look for Spring, Eggs and Chickens, and Gardening themes throughout the month. For the older two classes, get ready to share interesting seeds or plants and then also anything alive like plants, insects, or eggs!

Speaking of the 2/3 and PreK classes, get ready for a double-dose of excursion fun in April! The older two classes already got to enjoy the first excursion at Adventure Children’s Theater in Country Village on April 2nd! If that sounds familiar (this is actually a make up excursion from January). The second excursion will happen at the end of the month; the kids will go on a Spring Farm adventure over at Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center. Their mission statement says the center “inspires people to eat healthy, sustainably grown food and to steward our natural resources for future generations.”

Aaaaaaand what a great way to transition into the All School Meeting since our speaker, Julie Miller, will be discussing strategies for raising lifelong healthy eaters! You can get a sneak peek by checking out her site here: harmonioustable.net or you can just read this little quote from the site: “At this table, children and adults sit down to savor mealtime, together. Everyone here is genuinely present, eating with appreciation, talking peacefully and sharing the highlights of their day. The food is whole, clean, appetizing and delicious. There are no cell phones or tablets. No one is rushing to move on. The people are engaged as their bodies and minds are nourished.

This is The Harmonious Table. Pull up a chair.” This will be at Inglewood Presbyterian Church at the end of the month. Also, this meeting will be the last chance to turn in committee job preference for the 2018/19 school years, so don’t forget!

Phew, those are the big items for the blog, buuuuut there are still so many important notes to note! So, here we go:

1) April 9 - 13 is Spring Break; there is no school this week! However, the fun doesn’t stop if the school’s closed so make some class playdates!

2) April 20 is shopping day! Umm… I mean, the BFCP online auction starts up, and the link will be available through the Member’s Only page of the website. This is like a triple of BFCP awesomeness since you get to get a great deal on an item, raise money for BFCP, AND use a percentage of your winning bid towards your fundraising obligation total. See? Triple. Awesomeness.

3) April 21 is party time!!!!! Well, Spring Work Party, but still fun, right? For a blast from the Fall past, here’s the blog post about that Fall fun. It’ll be from nine to noon in the morning, so see you there (unless you already went to the Fall Work Party already or paid the $75 buy-out fee)!


4) April 28 is the day to hang out at The Hangar in Kenmore for the BFCP Screen Free Week Kick Off Event *throws confetti*. And I quote from the amazing organizers: “The goal of this event is to give families with children 0-5 some tools to understand the benefits of turning off their devices, along with some tools to make it easier to do so.” So come on out from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm to help spread the word about going screen free (and maybe learn some new strategies as well)! If you’re free to volunteer that day, check the Weekly Squeak for the signup link!

Well, there you have it! Our penultimate school month is packed with fun (and by the way, how often do we get to use the word “penultimate”?! Score!)! Feel free to shout out in the comments below or email me at blog@bothellfamilycoop.org if you have any feedback!