May You Have a Marvelous May

by Florence B.


We’ve reached the home stretch with May! Time sure flew by…you know, with all the having fun and all that! What do we have in store for this month? Well, look forward to some under the sea fun with ocean animals (btw, isn’t that such a cute jellyfish in the dramatic play area?!), beach days (literally!), and reading some favorite books from your teachers! With so many gorgeous days coming up, be prepared for some sunny outdoor play and possibly some picnic snack fun!

On May 7th, the older two classes will have an in class Opera story time with visiting teaching artist Liz Frazer! You can learn more about her at Then, on the week of the 16th, get ready to go to the beach with some fun beach excursions! Each class will meet at the beach (check the Weekly Squeak or ask your class coordinator to find out where!) so bring boots, buckets, shovels, sunscreen, and lots and lots of excitement. You may want to leave your bathing suit behind, because at this time of the year—eek!—that’s some cold beach water…

Since the end of the school year is fast approaching, please keep track of all these important dates and read the Weekly Squeak carefully for locations!

May Class Meetings:

May 16 - Toddler Class Meeting and Pre-K Class Meeting

May 17 - 2/3 Class Meeting

May 22 - 3/4 Class meeting

Last Days for Class:

May 24 - Toddlers and 2/3 class

May 25 - 2/3 and Parent/baby class

May 29 - 3/4 and Pre-K classes

Note: 2/3 class last day with Teacher Beth will be on the 24th and will decide what to do as a class for fun on the 25th

No School:

May 28 - Memorial Day

School Deep-Clean:

5/30 - 3/4 and Pre-K

5/31 - 2/3 and Toddlers

What’s up with the deep-clean? This goes deeper (hah, pun!) than the regular weekend cleaning, and you’ll have your classmates as cleaning buddies! Well, half the class, since the other half will be watching the kiddos at another location. This will happen during class time on those dates and each class will focus on two areas of the school. If you have alternative child care options, feel free to use them since that means more parents for cleaning!


Finally, I want to end today’s blog post with a shout out to the awe-some, AWESOME members of the 3/4 class that got together over spring break to make sandwiches for the MORELove project! They made 160 yummy pea-nut and jelly sandwiches for the organization's weekly sandwich deliv-ery to our local homeless population! Go 3/4 class!