Community Apple Pickin’

On Tuesday Sept. 29th our 3/4’s and Pre-K classes went on a field trip to visit our neighbor Kory Schue’s home and do some good ole fashioned apple pickin’. After walking 2-3 blocks hand in hand we arrived at her beautiful garden adorned with fusion glass art depicting dragonflies, peacocks, suns, and much more. It felt like we were entering into a kind of magical fairyland or Disneyland. Kory Schue and her gentle dog Chai met us at the gate and then she gave us some guidelines for entering her ornate and bountiful garden. Once finding the apple trees the children eagerly picked apples and placed them in the baskets that she had provided for them.Then we had the privilege of meeting Kory’s brood of chickens as they pranced about gobbling up the seeds that she scattered for them. We then began preparing for our return to the school and the next stage of apple washing and cutting (done by a parent) so that the apples could be boiled and ready for making applesauce the next day. We all thanked Kory and Chai for a lovely visit as we began our trek back to the school. The field trip was a wonderful opportunity to practice walking as a group, learning where apples come from, getting to see the different steps it takes to make applesauce, seeing a working chicken coop, and the power of community.

As we were leaving, Teacher Kathy shared a story of how Kory heard the first chain saws over at what would be our new school and had come over straight away to investigate. The school was not even open yet, as it was undergoing a remodel, but she shared her enthusiasm for this new addition to the community and asked if she could volunteer her time and energy to the school. Her offer was gladly accepted and she has been involved with the school ever since. For example, she will be volunteering her time in both the 3/4’s and Pre K classes this coming year.


Teacher Kelly also went along on the field trip and feels that Kory’s willingness to open her home is a wonderful example of how important and valuable community is to our school and to the whole neighborhood. She said, “Our school has worked hard to have good relations, make friends, and build community with our neighbors. I love that our new community is engaging with us on new levels and inviting us into their homes. It’s really encouraging and exciting!”

“It takes a village” as the saying goes and it feels wonderful to feel the network of roots in our community growing and strengthening like the strong apple trees with their tasty fruits!

If you are interested in learning more about who Kory Schue is, you can check out her website at as she teaches classes creating “warm glass art” for adults and kids.  As Teacher Kathy mentioned, "It would be a super fun trip for any parents and kids who are interested in doing art together."