Adventures in The Pumpkin Patch


What a fantastic trip we had to the Farm at Swan Lake! Was it muddy? Of course! Was it rainy? You bet! Did that stop us? No way!

We were so happy that moms, dads, brothers, and sisters were all able to join us to play on this special morning. The toddlers all seemed to love digging and crawling through the corn box, and splashing through those enormous puddles. The two/three class got into the puddle action too, along with enjoying the sheep and donkey and the petting zoo. Three/four and Pre-K were the adventurers of the group, spending a lot of time on the jumpy pillow and speeding down that super tall slide. We were so impressed the way some children took the job of choosing their pumpkins. Then everyone set off for home ready to carve and set them out for trick or treating.

What a wonderful learning experience for our children. Excursions are such a great way for children to practice communication and social skills, and learn about our community. A trip to the farm is just full of unique sensory experiences while using their gross and fine motor skills. Of course, we all love the farm to learn about plants and animals. Thank you so much for joining us on this special experience. I think we all learned a lot, got a little messy and had a lot of fun.  Just the way we like it at BFCP, right?