Soft Start

Next week at BFCP is soft "start week" for students are parents. New parents may wonder, other than sounding super cozy, what does a soft start entail? Soft start is simply a week when children only attend class on his or her parents' work day.  First and foremost, this is  a way to ease you and your child into the routine of the school year. Most parents know that kids are at their best in familiar circumstances; new people, new places, and new routines can be difficult for children to adjust to, especially on their own.  A soft start exposes children gradually to a the new teachers, new friends and new routine in the presence of a parent.

However, soft starts aren't only for children. Teachers benefit from soft starts too. Because children only attend class on his or her parent's workday, classes are at half size. This gives teachers a better chance to meet each child in a smaller setting and in the presence of a parent. Children generally feel more at ease meeting a new person with their parents by their side, so the teacher can interact more comfortably with each child in a more relaxed way.

We look forward to meeting with you and your little one for our soft start during the week of September 12-16.