Thanksgiving at BFCP

This months curriculum theme included turkeys and the begining of November brought the 2/3s, 3/4s and Preschool classes their first homework assignment. The kids were sent home with a turkey to decorate any way they wanted. They brought their the turkeys back to decorate the school, they will bring them back home for Thanksgiving to decorate their homes. Why decorate turkeys? Desides being a fun and festive activity it is also a great exercise in using fine motor skills with using crayons, markers, paint brushes, glue sticks etc. The turkeys are also a great way for the children to show off their unique personalities. The turkeys came back and they are all so creative and a great way to make our preschool festive for the holiday.

Another fun activity to do following the turkey theme is to make these easy turkey cookies to share with family and friends over the Thanksgiving break.

You will need :
Pretzel twists
Sandwich cookies
Candy dipping chocolate
Candy corn
Candy eyes

The assembly is pretty easy. First a parent melts the chocolate in the microwave according to the package directions. Then with the help of the parent the child can dip 3 pretzels into the chocolate and lay them out touching each other to form the feathers. Then you dip the oreo into the chocolate and lay it on top of the pretzels. Finally, and this is the kids favorite part, you decorate the face with the candy eyes and candy corn. The child can really great creative with this part giving the turkey 5 eyes or many candy corn feathers.