Easing the Transition: Helping your kids switch back to their school routine

By Julia H.

After a summer full of play, relaxed routines, and (relatively) flexible schedules, it can be tricky (for kids and caregivers, too!) to switch back into school mode. Here are some tips to aid the transition:

  • Is your child nervous? You can use roleplay to practice aspects of school that seem intimidating to help your child build confidence before school starts!

  • Are you nervous? That's okay and normal, too! Children are perceptive and know when their caregivers are feeling sensitive. If your child can handle it, you can talk openly about your worries, and what you are doing to manage them. If your child isn't ready for that kind of conversation, try to make time to do things that help you feel calm.
  • Although it's fun to add celebratory back-to-school family activities, you might want to have them before school starts, or wait until a few weeks into the school year. Returning to school can be tiring, and adding extra activities might prove to be a little too much to handle! Waiting can make things easier on everyone.

For more tips, check out this article from PBS. Have any great tips we missed? Email me and they may be featured in a future Squeak!