"There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing."

By Julia H.

Chances are that, if it hasn't already started raining by the time you read this, it will start within the next three hours. Rainy season is upon us, which means new challenges when it comes to making sure you and your kids are able to spend time outside. And, if you're new to BFCP, you might not realize that they really do mean it when they say the kids go outside in all weather conditions!

So, how can we dress the kids in our care (and ourselves!) so that outside time is fun, even when it's chilly and wet?

  • Embrace layers: sometimes a warm undershirt makes all the difference in the world, and a wool sweater will keep you warm even when it's wet (which explains a lot about sheep, if you think about it). Layers are especially helpful during transitional seasons, when it might be quite chilly in the morning and hot in the afternoon.

  • Make sure your foot and headwear is waterproof: Rain boots are definitely an essential, and a waterproof raincoat with a hood will protect little ones from both the wet and from the wind.

  • Bring an extra pair of socks: This is one I learned the hard way (and especially important for the Pre-K kids, who have outside time in the middle of their preschool day, or students in any other class who might have other things to do after school). It's hard to be comfortable and helpful with cold, wet feet, so stash an extra pair in your car or cubby for a quick change after time outside!

Here is an article with some interesting tips for dressing for outdoor preschool. What's your favorite trick for making sure you get outside in the thick of rainy season?