2/3s Feature: Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Thursday, October 15th, 2015 the 2/3 class headed to The Farm at Swans Trail. The whole class, dressed in coats and boots, met at the farm and were taken on a fun filled tour of the farm. The class started out by going through the hay maze inside the big red barn. The maze took some exciting twists and turns, went up a slightly spooky dark stair case and came out on top. The kids got to go down a slide into a big pile of hay which they loved bouncing in. Next stop on the tour was the petting zoo. With many baby animals to pet the kids were jumping with excitment. Baby pigs, kittens,  chickens, goats, and more. After washing their hands the kids were then corralled onto the tractors to head to the pumpkin patch. The kids all got to pick out a pumpkin of their choosing, which was quite a lesson in the different personalities. Some wanted the biggest pumpkin they could find, some wanted a teeny tiny pumpkin while others wanted the oddest looking pumpkin in the whole patch. Once each kid picked out their pumpkin they climbed back onto the tractor and headed back to the main farm. The field trip ended with a group picture and a sweet treat from Teacher Natalie. This field trip was a lot of fun and I can see why it is a tradition here at Bothell Family Co-op.